Canceling the Cancel Culture

There is an insidious disease infecting our academic intuitions, our politics, our discourse and some of America’s greatest companies.

It’s called the cancel culture. By another name it’s called ‘Woke.’ It has become the pastime of some to silence those with whom they disagree; to assassinate their character, ruin their careers, make them unemployable and subject them to days and weeks of harassment on social media.

It has driven teens to suicide. It has cost talented people their livelihoods, silenced the wisdom of brilliant college professors, cost talented writers their careers, ruined the lives of gifted authors, rendered social media a weapon of destruction, and turned our discourse into a toxic sewer.

When people fear being banished for expressing an opinion, or posting something that offends a ‘Woke warrior,’ it inhibits the dialogue necessary to advance our understanding, resolve our differences and strengthen the American Empire. Moreover, when children in our schools are taught to hate our country, condemn our past, and erase it from our history books, we cease to learn from our mistakes.

None of us were born ‘woke.’ Rejecting the cancel culture is not a rejection of social justice or a deeper understanding of our differences. Rejecting the Woke warriors is to accept that all of us are fallible human beings, capable of learning from mistakes, and worthy of forgiveness when we make one.