Containing China’s Threat

There is a major difference today from the world we knew 21 years ago. At the turn of the century, the United States was the world’s only Superpower.

Today there are two.

On the watch of America’s political class, China manipulated its currency, ran up huge trade surpluses with the United States and pilfered the intellectual property of U.S. companies while we indulged the propaganda of a Communist regime that lied about what it was doing.

Today we pay a price. By some measures China has already become the world’s largest economy. By all measures it has the world’s largest Navy. China has usurped the lands and resources of our allies in the South China Sea, commandeered islands, installed missiles in a territory so vast that they can choke the life out of the economies of Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

We will never be able to easily put aside our differences with China. It is a surveillance state that locks up minorities in concentration camps. Those who dare speak truth are arrested. Criticism of the government will get you killed. Democracy does not exist. They persecute Christians and Muslims who worship the same God we do. Those who dare question communist evil are killed.

We can no longer be satisfied to bury our heads in the sand. It is time that we recognize that we are the only power on earth that can contain China’s goal of world domination, and force it to abide the rules of peaceful nations that play by the rules.

  1. We must maintain our military strength, upgrade the size and technology of our Naval fleet.
  2. We must rid American soil of Chinese spies who are stealing our secrets.
  3. We must forge a new trade pact with freedom loving nations that treat Chinese aggression on one nation as an attack on all.